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Clinical Research Edition

The WoundMatrix Clinical Research Edition is a valuable asset to any clinical research as it reduces measurement variability while enabling centralized reading. WoundMatrix is fully validated, 21CFR11 compliant and is scalable, replicable and easily deployable across large organizations.

The Mobile WoundMatrix platform provides an integrated solution utilizing a HIPAA compliant Android smartphone and the back-end WoundMatrix Clinical Software to instantly capture, transfer and store images for immediate and objective measurement, tracking and assessment.

This allows Clinical Research Organizations to instantly upload images from trial sites around the world into one database, saving time, money and effort while providing accurate and precise clinical data information. WoundMatrix has become the standard for some of the most prestigious clinical research organizations in the United States, including Johns Hopkins and the Ohio State University Clinical Research Department.


Proven Precision

An Independant study has found WoundMatrix to be uniquely suited to the reporting and documentation needs of life sclences and pharmaceutical companies through clinical trial phases. In the article, "Digital Imaging of Wounds: Are Measurements Reproducible Among Observers?", which appeared in the The International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds, Vol. 6, No. 4, 245-248 (2007) researchers found.

"that digital analysis with WoundMatrix Web is reproducible and precise with acceptable variation among readers. This supports the use of digital images of wounds to follow clinical progress as well as analyze the effects of new clinical interventions in clinical trials."

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Industry Challenge WoundMatrix Solution
Objective Outcome Measurement

WoundMatrix reduces measurement variability and enables centralized reading of data, delivering accurate results that objectively measure the efficacy of defined protocols such as:

  • 1). Experimental treatments, new combinations of drugs, and new procedures
  • 2). New Wound bandages and dressings
  • 3). Discovery of improved medical devices dedicated to wound healing.
Documentation, Reporting, Image Acquisition

Mobile WoundMatrix captures essential trial patient data leading to documentation that ensures objective, fact-based, quantitative and qualitative assessments.

Mobile WoundMatrix, utilizing a data package or secure WIFI, allows users to easily and instantly upload images via a HIPAA compliant Android Smartphone.